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This is the premiere site for any information or resource for the Ingersoll Rand Recognition Systems Hand Reader. This web site contains case studies, development libaries, technical manuals, forums for questions, an online store for parts, and much more.

This technology is the most secure method of ensuring the identity of an individual. This technology is not brand new. With over 150,000 sold the Hand Reader is being used in almost every industry. From healthcare to construction, Hand Readers are being used to verify the identities of people. The Hand Reader does not invade <more>

See How It Works
Case Study-Hawaiian Air
Case Study-McDonalds
Case Study-Dunkin
HP1000 Data Sheet
HP2000 Data Sheet
HP 3000 Data Sheet
HP 4000 Data Sheet
Biometrics Applied

Programming Is Simple!!!

Writing software for a biometric device sounds complicated. However, it is quite simple. From ASCII files to API libraries, there are many ways to send and receive information from the Hand Reader. <more>