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This technology is the most secure method of ensuring the identity of an individual. This technology is not brand new. With over 150,000 sold the Hand Reader is being used in almost every industry. From healthcare to construction, Hand Readers are being used to verify the identities of people. The Hand Reader does not invade your privacy, it insures it by verifying the identitiy of an individual that is accessing a secure area, clocking in for work, or picking up a child from a day care facility. The applications of Hand Reader technology are endless.

The Hand Reader does not use hand prints. This technology uses an infrared camera to scan the hand. By instantly taking over 150 measurements the Hand Reader uses a unique algorithim to turn those readings in to a nine byte number. This nine byte number is then stored in the Hand Reader and is assigned to a unique PIN number for the user. When the user wants to use the Hand Reader to access a door, clock in, or any other application, they just enter the PIN number. Instead of the Hand Reader asking for a password, the user places their hand on the Hand Reader and it scans the user's had with the infrared camera. The resulting nine byte number is compared with the nine byte number stored in the Hand Reader's memory. If the number matches then the user is accepted. If the number does not match then the user is denied. Click here for a video on how the Hand Reader works.

There are many differient biometric technologies available. There are fingerprint readers, iris readers, and facial recoginition systems. None of these systems are as easy to use or as reliable as Hand Readers. The Hand Reader can operate in the most "biometric hostile" environments. The Hand Reader can operate in construction sites, auto shops, dental labs, and other environments that other biometric technology will not work in.

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